Top 5 Easy Weight Loss Hacks You Can Try Today

How to Hack Your Diet and Lifestyle for Easy Weight Loss

Let’s face it, just about everyone is looking for ways to conveniently tweak their lifestyle to shed some pounds and improve overall health. The problem is, we can’t always get over the TSA hurdle. Fortunately, a few simple lifestyle and diet tweaks can help you easily overcome your Time, Space, and Availability conflicts. These 5 weight loss Hacks can help you kickstart your healthy habits and avoid those nasty TSA problems by:

  • Providing weight shedding nutrients and minerals
  • Adding heart healthy ingredients to your daily routine
  • Supplying you with important antioxidants
  • Reducing hunger and increasing metabolism

1. Lose the sugar!

reduce sugar intake weight loss hack

The average American consumes over 150 pounds of sugar a year, far more than is recommended. Nearly a third of that comes from sugary drinks such as sodas and juices. Adding a hydrating and healthy routine to your day can be highly beneficial in cutting down on sugary drinks while providing beneficial nutrients at the same time. When it tastes good and keeps you feeling better, it’s easy to ditch those sugary drinks and snacks!

2. Add turmeric to your diet

turmeric diet weight loss hack

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and is packed with antioxidants, which are known to promote heart health. This miracle spice has also been found to help with depression, which can cause low energy levels and a cycle of self destructive habits like overeating and increased sugar consumption. Adding turmeric to your diet can help combat these issues in a simple and effective manner without the bad tastes and time consumption.

3. Add spirulina to your diet

spirulina diet weight loss hack

Eating a form of blue-green algae might seem like a strange weight loss hack, but Spirulina is jam packed with nutrients. It’s high in protein and contains B1, B2, and B3 vitamins that help convert food into energy (burn those calories off). It’s also high in manganese, copper and a host of other essential nutrients and minerals with extremely low calories and plenty of amino acids. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Spirulina helps reduce cholesterol and has shown to improve important markers for Diabetics. Protein rich supplements help you feel fuller between meals which helps reduce snacking on those empty calories.

4. Add probiotic supplements

apple cider vinegar probiotic weight loss hack

Apple Cider Vinegar has long been used to aid digestion and heart health. This golden liquid helps the body burn fat, lowers cholesterol and has also been shown to benefit diabetics by lowering blood sugar levels and reducing overall symptoms. Taken with a high carb meal, ACV can limit hunger as well as reduce belly fat. As far as weight loss hacks go, adding ACV to your diet is one of the easiest and most approachable.

5. Move, move, move!

exercise weight loss hack

It’s time to take a little control back from our hectic lives and taking care of our health is the first step! Adding supplements to our routine in a fast and enjoyable way keeps us on the move with more energy and a healthier body. Of course, finding a combination that packs the most punch is important. Even ginger and capsaicin (like cayenne peppers) contain beneficial nutrients that can improve digestion and increase metabolism while reducing your appetite. The trick is to bundle as much in as quickly and easily as possible.

It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably spend your days running around like crazy. And when you finally have some time to relax, you find yourself cooped up and exhausted. There are a lot of things we can’t control when it comes to our TSA conflicts.

Thankfully, implementing these weight loss hacks doesn’t require any additional energy or time commitment. In the amount of time it takes to pour a glass of water and stir in a Squeeze Dried drink mix, you can be on your way to achieving your weight loss goals and living a healthier lifestyle. Simply pour, mix, and enjoy the superfood benefits!

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