5 Ways to make the most of your weekend

A long weekend can often be the light at the end of the tunnel-- the spark that defibrillates you back to life. Too often, the hype of weekend is built all week and then over in a blink! In light of Labor Day weekend, we want to remind you how to make the most time, to ensure that it is revitalizing and refreshing rather than gone too soon.

Here are 5 ways to relax and make the three day weekend labor-free. These tips apply to any and every weekend!

1. Finish your to-do list on Friday!

Whether you are a workaholic or designate your weekend to chores and errands, plan ahead to take the labor out of labor day. Anticipate the work you need to accomplish and do a little more each day of the week prior to the weekend. This can be hard but realize that completing your work allows you to be fully present in your weekend activities. This can be helpful for a better quality of life for you but also for your friends and family. They deserve for your full attention.

2. Plan ahead but also go with the flow

Sometimes with the hype of a long weekend, we expect big fun things to happen. However, the best way to ensure a fun productive weekend is to plan a couple events or activities. Without planning, we can fall victim to waiting around for friends or mindlessly wasting time and sunlight! Additionally, its important to keep a positive attitude and be flexible. If an event changes be ready to bounce to the next option. Don’t waste time getting bent out of shape.

3. Plan some nothing time

When we plan, we often have so many fun activities we forget how tiresome it can be. While the three day weekend allows us to spend more time to experience new things, don’t forget it’s also a great time to relax. There’s no worse feeling than needing another weekend to recover from your packed weekend. Plan some time to not do anything and chill, lay down, read a book, nap, or catch up on your current netflix fix. Be mindful that as relaxing as laying on the beach or poolside is, the sun can be as taxing as running around!

4. Unplug from technology

This is up to you, however the best way to fully enjoy your weekend and avoid labor on Labor day is unplugging from technology. Here are 2 steps to unplug.

  • Set an outgoing pre-text in case someone tries to reach you. For example, ‘With my family. Please email me and I’ll get back to you on Tuesday’ or ‘Taking a tech-free weekend. Will respond to all texts on Tuesday.’
  • Put your phone in a drawer and enjoy your weekend!

5. Don’t sleep in!

‘Why not? I’ve got time!’ This idea goes hand in hand with planning. If you don’t plan to wake up, your whole day is stunted. Wake up, keep your schedule, and enjoy the day for what it is. You will feel more energized and have a more full, quality day.

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