14 Ways Wheatgrass Boosts Your Immunity and Energy

Wheatgrass juice has been, and still is, revered as a powerful superfood for years. Dating as far back as ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, this young barley was a staple in their diets. Growing throughout the United States and Europe, wheatgrass is easy to get a grip-full each morning before you move on with your day. The benefits of wheatgrass juice are plenty and are enough to change your life. To see a list of nutrients and minerals contained in wheat grass, take a look below.

Wheatgrass grew into American popularity during the 1930s after being introduced by agricultural chemist Dr. Charles Schnabel. His team of researchers discovered that wheatgrass was more effective and measurable in its progress when observing the health of livestock. The grassy edible is nutrient-dense and contains more nutrients than alfalfa, sprouts, broccoli, and spinach. Though, it wasn't until the 1950s that a whole-foods nutritionist, Ann Wigmore, began juicing with the young barley grass. It was then that it became a common pairing in the plant-based diet and the education spread amongst the health and nutrition communities.

Why should you be excited about wheatgrass? Wheatgrass is packed with nutrients and a tremendous helping of chlorophyl (it can contain up to 70%). It is also a great source of minerals, vitamins, and liver enzymes. According to many health and nutrition institutions, it is possible that wheatgrass contains 98 of the 102 elements found in soil. A single serving may contain iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, enzymes, and 19 amino acids. Wheatgrass also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

And now for the 14 Ways Wheatgrass Boosts Your Immunity and Energy!

1. Possible Cancer Defense

Cancer doesn't survive in well-oxygenated environments. Wheatgrass helps to cleanse the blood. Furthermore, blood becomes more oxygenated and can help prevent free-radicals from infiltrating the body and growth of cancerous cells.

2. Topical Remedy For Skin Disease And Wounds

Wheatgrass is used to treat various types of conditions that are associated with skin (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, sunburns, etc.). Most commonly, it can be used to remedy acne and skin wounds. Just rub a frozen wheatgrass ice cube over scars, damaged skin, or affected areas. Let the solution sit for 5 minutes and rinse. Voíla!

3. Lose Those Pounds And Food Cravings

Wheatgrass is great for weight loss and acts as a appetite suppressor. The juice helps to maintain and manage the thyroid gland, which, in turn, can help prevent feeding urges and regulate hormones.

4. Improve Your Digestion

If you suffer from a digestive disorder, wheatgrass may the alternative for you. With its abundant enzymes, amino acids, and vitamin B, it can help treat ulcers, heartburn, and indigestion.

5. Put The 'M' Back Into Magnificent Mane (Your Hair)

Want to put the 'M' back into magnificent mane. Wheatgrass will surely help your hair health, as it contains catalase and age-slowing antioxidants. A wheatgrass shot daily will help you keep the gray away and your strands soft as a spring breeze.

6. Stimulate Good Blood Circulation

We've already discussed how wheatgrass can help defend your body from cancer. We can credit this to oxygenation of the blood. Keeping your blood oxygenated can also improve blood circulation.

7. Boost Immunity and Energy

Wheatgrass will boost immunity and energy by increasing your red blood cell count. The abundance of chlorophyll helps deliver more oxygen to the blood and strengthens the immune system. Are you a little low on energy? No problem. Take a shot of wheatgrass daily to help eliminate general fatigue and tiredness.

8. Treat Arthritis

Chlorophyll can help reduce inflammation linked with joint diseases and other conditions. With wheatgrass' copious helping of chlorophyll, the symptoms of arthritis will be diminished to something much more manageable. Wheatgrass may just improve your lifestyle and vastly improve your day-to-day activities.

9. Cleanse Your Liver

Wheatgrass can help detoxify and protect the liver from oxidative stress. It can do this by cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals.

10. Relieve Stress and Depression

The hordes of B vitamins in wheatgrass can help you manage your anxiety and depression. More often than not, a lack of iron in one's diet is the cause to most depression. Wheatgrass also contains iron, magnesium, and other essential nutrients that help to lift your mood.

11. Natural Alternative Deodorant

Wheatgrass and chlorophyll are considered natural deodorizers. By ingesting wheatgrass with other leafy greens, it is possible to neutralize body odor.

12. Increases Fertility and Libido

Supplementing wheatgrass into your regular diet can increase your libido and stamina. P4D1, a compound found in wheatgrass, can impact sperm cells and DNA, and increase fertility as a result.

13. Benefits Alzheimer’s Disease Patients

Wheatgrass can improve the quality of life for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass fuels the body with oxygen, and oxygen is especially vital for the brain.

14. Lowers Cholesterol

Wheatgrass can improve your heart health and helps to strengthen the heart. By improving your heart health, it will be easier to manage and stabilize low cholesterol levels.

And... just for your information, here is a nutritional analysis of wheatgrass:

Nutrient Amount Daily Value
Calories 120 6%
Carbohydrates 16 g 5%
Fiber 8 g 32%
Protein 8 g 16%
Vitamin A 12,000 IU 240%
Vitamin C 56 mg 93%
Vitamin E 2,560 mg 12,800%
Vitamin K 280 mcg 350%
Vitamin B1 88 mg 5,867%
Vitamin B2 2,080 mg 122,353%
Vitamin B3 2,016 mg 10,080%
Vitamin B5 288 mg 2,880%
Vitamin B6 312 mg 15,600%
Vitamin B12 0.4 mcg 7%
Choline 40 mg N/A
Calcium 120 mg 12%
Iron 64 mg 356%
Magnesium 31.2 mg 8%
Phosphorus 112 mg 11%
Potassium 824 mg 24%
Zinc 496 mg 3,307%
Copper 13.6 mg 680%
Manganese 1,120 mg 56,000%
Selenium 28 mcg 40%
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