12 Rejuvenating Health Benefits Of Acai

The Incredible Healing Power Of Acai Berries

Acai berries are amongst the many healthy berries that you can add to your diet. However,  this super berry is considered one of the most healthy superfruits in the world. These berries come from the tropical rain forests of the Amazon. This dark-colored berry is considered as a healing fruit with immune-building, energy boosting properties. Furthermore, a great deal of research purports that this antioxidant-rich berry can help prevent and repair oxidative damage. Come with us to the Amazon while we reveal 12 healing benefits this little rain forest berry has to offer.

1. Promotes A Healthy Heart

Much like red wine, researchers have found that acai berries are extremely high in anthocyanins, an antioxidant that regulates cholesterol levels. Also, the berry is rich in plant sterols that work to protect the heart, improve blood circulation and oxygenation, and relax the blood vessels. This Amazon superfood with a little bit of meditation will put you right up on cloud 9!

2. Protects You From Harmful Organisms

Researchers have discovered that, as an alternative to oregano oil, acai extract can combat harmful organisms that attack the body. Who knew that this little berry could be a fierce Amazon warrior?

3. Helps With Weight Loss

In most health and nutrition camps, acai is considered a superfood. It is widely known to help shave off your unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy number on that scale. Remember: Light as a feather, sting like a… uh… yeah… light as a feather. 😉

4. Encourages Clear Skin and Great Complexion

Everyone knows that the upkeep of our body is challenging at times. Whether it’s working on a toned stomach, your upper body strength, your style… your face is what most people see and pay attention to the most. Acai can help you with that! The oil of the berry is an excellent alternative skin care product. The oil is high in antioxidant content and, when eaten, it can help give your skin that radiant, healthy glow many strive for. Brazilians have consumed acai berries to support skin health for centuries.

5. Improves Digestion

Acai could aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system. The berries contain powerful detoxifying properties and are a great source of dietary fiber.

6. Reduces Irritation

Acai berries may prevent inflammation in the lungs that is typically associated with respiratory ailments and swelling.

7. Strengthens Your Cellular Foundation

Anthocyanins found in this powerful fruit act as a defense for your cellular foundation. This helps to keep cells strong and fight free radicals.

8. Boosts Your Immune System

Polyphenolic compounds that are extracted from acai can proliferate malfunctioning cells. Many researchers claim that the phytochemiclas found in these berries can impose on cellular mutation and diffuse affected cells before they grow in numbers. By no means are these tiny fruits a cure for any disease or illness, but they do promise a healthier diet.

9. Slows Aging Process

Not only do phytochemicals in acai help to strengthen your immune system, they also can slow or reverse the aging process. The dark purple berries offer a solid source of antioxidants; a single berry can provide up to ten times as many antioxidants than in grapes and double the amount than blueberries.

10. Boosts Energy

Acai extract or consuming acai can help increase your overall energy and improve your mood.

11. Stimulates Healthy Libido

The Amazon berry has been linked to an overall increase in blood circulation. Researchers have eluded that improved blood circulation can boost one’s sex drive.

12. Improves Cognitive Function

Various experiments have been conducted in the observation of how acai may affect the brain. Findings suggest that acai can improve cognition and support healthy brain maturation.

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