Strawberries And 9 Reasons To Appreciate These Delicious Red Berries

1. Easy On The Eyes

Your eyes are "the windows to the soul." Now, doesn't that make you want to protect them? Almost all issues with your eyes are the result of free radicals or nutritional deficiencies. As we age, it is only natural that the body degenerates or produces less of these protective nutrients. Strawberries will prevent excessively dry eyes, degeneration of the optical nerves, macular degeneration, vision defects, and infections. Most important, strawberries can help with ocular pressure. These red berries are high in potassium, which helps correct ocular pressure.

2. Strengthen Immune System

Our immune system acts as a defense against infections, microbial attacks, and a slew of contagions harmful to your body. Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, which will boost immunity and fight free radicals that attack your body's cells.

3. Prevent Arthritis And Gout

Arthritis and gout is caused by the breaking down of muscles and tissues, depletion of lubricant in joints, and toxin and acid build up in the body. All of these things occur as a direct result of free radicals accumulating in the body. Strawberries, with their key antioxidants and detoxifiers, can help eliminate these pestering issues and minimize any kind of inflammation.

4. Fight Cancer

Lets help fight cancer! Get the most out of Vitamin-C, folate, anthocyanins, quercetin and kaempferol with strawberries. The antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties will drastically reduce the risk of tumors and hazardous cancer cells.

5. Sharpen Your Brain Skills

It is very common that when we grow older, we begin to lose the ability to retain memory and control over activities and motor skills. As we age, so does our brain. In turn, it is in our best interest to take good care of our brain and nervous system. This way, we protect ourselves from free radicals and potentially harmful agents in our body. Vitamin C, potassium, and phytochemicals in strawberries can neutralize oxidants that affect the brain and nervous system. Furthermore, strawberries can help to improve cognitive function by increasing blood flow to the brain. When your brain is healthy, your concentration, memory, and problem solving skills will be strengthened. Keep the brain food coming!

6. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Strawberries are potassium- and magnesium-rich! Both of these elements are effective in keeping your blood pressure low. Potassium, being a vasodilator, reduces hypertension and eases the flow of well-oxygenated blood to the various part of the body, making it possible for your body to function at full potential.

7. Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Keep your heart beating strong with a dietary heart health pack high in fiber, folate, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Try to keep the fats out! Staying true to this diet will effectively rid cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels.

8. Slim Down

Strawberries stimulate metabolism and reduce appetite.

9. Prevent Birth Defects

During pregnancy, folic acid is a key nutrient that assists in the peak health of the baby. Strawberries contain high levels of folic acid, which, in turn, help in preventing birth defects.

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